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Whether its new build or recertification of refurbished equipment, we can offer a full range of commissioning services designed to ensure the integrity and operational readiness of your system.

With purpose built dedicated internal & external test facilities, we can accommodate assembly acceptance tests right up to full scale system verification tests.

• Modern facility with 80ton overhead crane, 30,000 psi test habitat

• Tubing hangers, wellhead assemblies

• BOP 5 yearly support / testing

• Riser repair and refurbishment

• Test trees, TRT's, tubing hangers, spider assemblies

• Well control equipment

With our external test site capable of accommodating up to 200ton, we have the ability to run many of your commissioning operations in parallel to ensure a quick and seamless test phase.

We can also offer external commissioning in our large scale hydro tank as well as dedicated client offices to ensure the privacy you require when it comes to running large scale operations.