riser running tool
inspection, service
riser running tool service, inspection

With many annual and periodic oilfield equipment servicing contracts received over the last few months, many global oil & gas operators are now beginning to rely on Hydrus for their equipment servicing, repair, test and recertification.

Hydrus has been contracted to carry out the servicing of a mechanical & hydraulic riser running tool for a global oil & gas operator. The scope of work included the surface NDE (Non Destructive Examination) of all key load bearing components, dogs, mechanical lock handles, etc. Hydrus technicians inspected the HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) for signs of damage, calibrated gauges, and pressure tested the riser running tool to 1.1 x MSWP (Manufacturing Safe Working Pressure). Inspection of threaded lifting points, hydraulic hoses and all hydraulic circuits were also pressure tested to 1 x MSWP.

Other areas of the service included flushing, bleeding and filling the running tool hydraulic system, and a check of all PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) settings, their operation and integrity. A system function test was run in accordance with AE procedures.

On completion, Hydrus issued a service certificate and revalidated its certificate of conformance.

Managing Director, Martin Anderson commented, … “The Hydrus team has been working flat-out to successfully meet our oilfield equipment servicing contracts. Experienced technicians working to quality management procedures, ensure that Hydrus deliver on time and within budget.”