Dual bore SIT
Dual bore SIT
Dual bore SIT
Dual bore S.I.T Incorporating TRT Surface Tree with ESD checks

Hydrus successfully completes S.I.T (Site Integrated Test) with ESD (Emergency Shut Down) checks on Dual Bore Subsea Tree for major North Sea Operator.

Scope of work included:

• Set Up Workover Control System (IWOCS ) flush & function test

• Stack up Workover Intervention Package (TREE / TRT (Tree Running Tool) / LRP/ EDP)

• Function test XT/ Tree Running Tool (TRT ) / Lower Riser Package (LRP ) via Workover Control System (IWOCS )

• Bore Test all Interfaces 500 & 5000psi

• Set up Surface Tree & carry out full ESD (Emergency Shut Down) systems checks

• Rig down prep all for shipping

• Re-Certify all Lifting points and equipment

• Load out’s with documentation as and when required

Managing Director, Martin Anderson commented, … “Our facilities are extensively equipped to handle Dual Bore S.I.T and ESD tests. A combination of 'cost-efficiency' and 'speed of delivery' has made us favorable with major North Sea Operators.”